strange sunrise in benidorm
tagging the police motorbike
the pretty town i took a photo of every day
carla and i being flies
jordi and fanjul
NYE 06/07
brunette blone and the red one
benidorm on new years day
pissing, i mean punching contest
marijana and her duck
rehearsal with alina
iiiin the back of the bus, back of the bus
pretty robert
marijana just before she got hoisted away in an ambulance for fainting before takeoff...
band photo in drachten
jordi and i with the lovers gloves
pascual reading to us in french on the bus
marijana returns
drachten sunrise
carla the monument in kurhaus
dervish dancer with bolero
doros and me
jordi and parents
marijana conducting the fountains in valencia
me n the boyz
rebeca, carla y yo
jordi: mine's bigger than yours
with josep vicent
maria and marijana
at the london bar, calle londres

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